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FJ Winch Project - wfocarol - 09-06-2012 09:56 PM

Here is the start of our winch project for Colorado.

[Image: DSC_6278.jpg]

RE: FJ Wench Project - wfocarol - 09-06-2012 09:58 PM

[Image: DSC_6281.jpg]

RE: FJ Wench Project - wfocarol - 09-06-2012 10:01 PM

[Image: DSC_6288.jpg]

[Image: DSC_6293.jpg]

RE: FJ Wench Project - old man dave 59 - 09-16-2012 09:09 AM

FJ was sitting a little low on the front because of a weight problem, Ben eating too much metal armour and winch,
We ended up putting another 2 inch spacer on top of the 2.5 existing Daystar. I measured the height and according to a FJ forum thread, I now have a 3.5 front lift and 1.5 rear. Going to temporarily adjust rear to 2.5 with spring spacer and change front spring order to rear which front is on back order for 2 weeks. This is why I added spacers in front, because the front had to come up for our 4X4 vacation to do the planned trails.
I caused a code by disconnecting the ABS wire to add spacers and will try O'reilys to clear code and get spring spacers.

RE: FJ Winch Project - old man dave 59 - 09-16-2012 09:35 PM

Found the ABS and VSC lights on problem athat occured when we lifted the FJ Saturday.
Since there have been several conversations regarding VSC dash lights coming on after various modifications, including suspension lifts, I thought I would post my findings on the topic in case it can help someone else.

Quote from a conversation on FJ Forum

After doing my last suspension mod several months ago to ToyTec coilovers/OME 895E rear springs (approx. 2 ½” front, 1 ½” rear lift), I had the 3 VSC dash lights come on. They would only come on after the vehicle was shifted into drive, and would only go off when the key was switched off. There were no codes associated with the fault. I visually inspected wheel sensors, wiring, steering wheel was still straight (alignment sensor in steering column), disconnected battery, etc., etc. Nothing solved the problem. Finally, I had to admit defeat and take it to the dealer. To my amazement, the dealer said they would check it out and diagnose for free, so I dropped it off this morning, and waited on the painful phone call… I get the call about 2 hours later, and they say, “did someone put a suspension lift on the truck?” I say “yes” (obviously), fully expecting a Tongue lashing from the dealer To my surprise, they say, “yeah, no problem, we just need to recalibrate the computer, basically reprogram it, it’ll be ready within the hour, techs are already doing it”. I say, “how much is it going to cost me?”, they say “nothing, it’s covered”. Holy C%#p! I’m good with that!

So anyone else experience this? Up to now, I haven’t heard anyone who has had to do this, at least from the many searches I did here on the forum. But if you have this problem and are as puzzled as I was, give it a try. By the way, the dealer also did the Texas state inspection on it 3 days ago (they were too busy at the time to Look at the VSC and asked us to bring it back later). The VSC lights do not affect a pass/fail on the inspection, only the check engine light does.

had the computer hooked up to it yesterday morning.

Code came up, related to a "Steering Angle sensor" located in the steering column.

This sensor mea_sures driver input and also senses over-correction.

Recalibrated this to "zero" and all was fine.

And still is.

RE: FJ Winch Project - old man dave 59 - 09-17-2012 07:49 PM

I started a thread under suspension thread , but I wanted to share this story.

Did a search and looking for the solution, do it your self calibration. There is info on the 4 runners, but did not see the FJ info.
My VSC and ABS and slip indicator light came on after a 3.5 front lift install with no code on the scan. Possible right ABS sensor wire damage, but that should of pulled a code, and I'm going to check with OHM meter to eliminate this, but I'm betting it's the steering angel sensor.
Also, did this dsiable the traction control, and ABS system?

Actually, I called my local dealer where I bought the FJ and called service, got a girl and I had read some threads where the dealers were replacing computer control modules and all kinds of stuff, so I was prepared. I asked here if they could recalibrate my steering angle sensor. After a long hesitation she came back with ( would you like to make an appointment? ).
I replied NO, I want to find out if you can recalibrate the steering angle sensor. She then gave me the service shop direct line. I called and left a message in detail of the problem.
I got impatient and called another dealer and talked to a guy in service and he said he would check and call me back.
Then later on the Mechanic called me from my Dealer, Bob said that all I had to do was make sure the steering wheel is straight and disconnect the battery, it would recalibrate. then we discussed the possibility that I broke the right ABS sensor wire when the upper ball joint was disconnected, ( it jumped out and stretched the wire a little. ) I could not pull any codes with my Cornwell code reader and O'reillys code detector.
He said that you would need a better scanner that would go into ABS section in diagnostics. I think I broke the wire and I will find out Tuesday as I'm leaving Friday on a 4X4 Vacation for 9 days.
Then the other dealer called and said they could do the recalibration and asked if I would like to make an appointment.

Research and ask direct questions, don't drop off at the dealership until you know that they can fix your problem>
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RE: FJ Winch Project - old man dave 59 - 09-20-2012 07:20 AM

FJ is ready for vacation. Going to re torque the suspension bolts tonight and start packing her up Friday,
[Image: FJ%20CV%20angle%20005_zpsee5701f1.jpg]